Dying men consumed by the regret of a lifetime of un-acted upon great intentions are not of any real use to life on earth any more. The gift of your realised greatness as a man has never been more needed. Now is your time to rise.

Mark Usher

This site is about ordinary men, just like you, with extraordinary intentions of having a BIG impact with your life.

It’s easy to feel lost in the fog of struggle and frustration, doubting yourself when your life isn’t going according to plan. Often the more you push, the farther away success and fulfilment seem to go.

If this sounds familiar then you are not alone in this. It can and does happen us all. You do not have to stay stuck. In fact the evolutionary impulse of the universe is calling out your greatness right now. A brighter tomorrow will only come when you grab your life today by the scruff of the neck and start planting the specific seeds needed to flourish into your realised greatness. Right N.O.W. as there is No Other Window.

I believe within you exists the most powerful minority in the whole of humanity; an untameable, unstoppable, unboxable, unrelenting spiritual warrior dedicated to fulfilling his highest calling and leading humanity to the brightest future it ever imagined was possible. A man whose light can burn so bright it lights the way for hundreds, thousands and millions of others to unleash their own story of greatness.

About Mark Usher

Your greatest task in life is uncovering your unlived Story of Greatness held captive beyond your doubts and fears. Your great achievement is having the courage to live this to its fullest telling.

And yet the heroic script of this great story can only emerge from within you.

Let’s be straight: NO OTHER HUMAN is qualified to tell you what that story should be. I believe the only reason we ever endure frustration as men is that we have unwittingly let others opinions and society do the writing of our story.

The purpose of this site is to help you take ownership of your destiny and live a life that has you living and dying without regret.

I am passionately curious about the process of living with my Radical Aliveness, my Tribe’s Vitality, and my Highest mission as uncompromised Number Ones in my life. Teaching you how to successfully do the same is what this whole website is about. I’ll be honest though: I experience waves of inner fears, anxieties, self-criticisms and shame that I am personally not worth a damn and unable for the magnitude of this task. There are times when I question, “Who the hell I am to turn up and launch a website and career like this?” The answer that comes back through all the conditioned mind vomit is a silent growl of my soul saying, “Who the hell am I not to go for it?!”

And by extension, who the hell are YOU not to go for your epic soul-driven mission? My life then, shared through this website, is dedicated to nourishing, loving, tending to, respecting, listening to and learning how to follow unquestionably this inner growl and seeing what happens.

My mission here is to dare greatly as a man, risk failing spectacularly and get the backlash of critics thrown at me, learn about the journey along the way, and teach whatever pointers to greatness surface. Then I will humbly challenge and support you guys to go out into your worlds and do the same and become the New Earth Hero you are destined to be.

Want to know more about me and my story. Check out “Who I am. Who I’m Not.”