A Healing Approach to Leave you Unstoppable

The modern healthcare system is NOT designed to make you fully better. It is set-up to nurture disease in the masses without ever offering a solution that eradicates the root source of illness in humanity: Dis-ease.

Our human body is the most awesomely designed organism programmed for giving us an extraordinary life experience. However, the healthcare system has conditioned us away from realising just how extraordinary our healing powers are as men. If you want to create the life of your dreams, you’d better have a firmly established empowering belief system for your health driving the show!

Why Relying on Self Confidence Will Kill Your Dreams

So many men cite a lack of confidence as being the reason they are struggling to make meaningful progress towards their greatest goals. What they don’t realise is the fact that they are relying on confidence Is the reason for the struggle.

Confidence is the result of feeling fear of the unknown, taking action and gaining confidence through eventual positive results. So confidence will be largely missing as a resource to rely upon at the beginning of a journey to the top.

Whereas courage is available always in almost infinite levels. So rely upon courage as the chief driving force behind your goals, your destiny, your life; and simply relax, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Self Aware Smartphone Use in Parenting

If we don’t want to be kicked to the kerb by our kids usage of smart-phones and technology, we must review our own usage of them.

Kids today are fighting for the attention of their parents against a multi-billion dollar industry that is designed to create addictive engagement with their apps. Many parents aren’t even aware of this new behavioural phenomenon.

Yet, check out the engagement levels of parents at play-grounds, sports practice etc. Have you seen how many eyes are on the screens NOT on their kids? If unwittingly you are one of these parents, just don’t lament in future as Cat Stevens sang, “As I hung up the phone it occurred to me, my child was just like me..”

Love and light,


Self Praise is the Highest Praise

Only when you can love and appreciate the brilliance of who you are can you see the magic in the rest of the universe. So stop giving a shit what anyone thinks of you and start living out the literal life of your dreams. It’s that simple.

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