Consciously Indulge in your Progress

The self-critical mind can destroy our confidence by over emphasising when and where we have screwed up as men. Yet it seems it is essential to allow ourselves Indulge in our progress that paves the way for our brain to fully support our efforts outside our comfort zones.

How finely tuned is your attention for picking up your micro progresses in life?

Procrastination Liberation: Just Bloody Start!

New Earth Heroes!

Procrastination is a widespread killer of potentially life changing, universe altering genius impulses to action.

Yet there is one simple advice that modern science tells us is the most powerful anti-dote: Just Bloody Well Start

So what life-changing action are you waiting to start???

You Are Not Your Job

Hello Master of your Universe,

One of the greatest self limiting mistakes we make is confusing our job title with who we are.

“I’m a doctor.” “I’m a lawyer.” “I’m a gardener” etc. Whatever we link to the words “I am” has a profound effect on our psycho emotional identity.

The result is massive inner turmoil when you retire because your brain concludes a part of you is dying. You are infinitely bigger than your job title. Your job is a sacred, but temporary, role that you play, not who you are. Play it with your whole heart but remain grounded in knowing yourself as the Godly being that you are.

Love and light,


The Most Important Question Us Husbands Can Ask

Dear supreme spiritual warriors clothed as simple unassuming gentlemen,

This is only for the husbands out there with balls of steel and an unquenchable hunger to be the best fricking man their wives could ever possibly have the honour, privilege and joy to spend their lives with. Safe zone boys needn’t click play…..

The Foundation Of Creating An Extraordinary Life

How is this Karmic King today?!

The foundation of creating an extraordinary life is knowing how to access the fullest power of your mind.

Just as you would ignore crappy company at a social gathering in search of someone more likely to help you experience a fun time, so it is with the thoughts in our mind. Yet we have never been thought this at school!

The result is that we end up hanging around some bad ass shitty thoughts that don’t serve our happiness or success in any way. Instead of seeing our negatively charged thoughts just as thoughts, we become them and then follow them up with similar thoughts.

The question is not whether or not the thought is true or not. The question to ask is “Does this thought serve me?” If it feel like crap when you think it, it invariably is not going to serve you well to follow it.

Shift your awareness to the next best feeling thought, again and again, until you happen upon a thought that feels much better.

The quality of your life is built upon the quality of the company of thoughts you consciously choose to spend time with. Time to upgrade the company in your mind?

Have a great day enjoying the company of your mind!
Love and light,