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Why Your Wife Resents Your Online Group

Hi Guys,

Men delving into the world of online forums and groups is a relatively new behavioural phenomenon in modern relationships, that for some marriages, is throwing up complications.

Sometimes wives can come to resent their husbands interactions with their new social group to the dismay and confusion of husbands.

Here I attempt to shed some light on why this happens and point in the direction of what I have observed is the most powerful antidote to make sure you are the legend your wife wants so much.

Love and light,


Only WILD Men Can Change The World

Only truly WILD men have ever before changed the world for the better.

WILD for me is Without Inhibition Living Dharma.

Only when a man consciously unhoods his head from the suffocating social conditioning trapping his heroic quest, and aligns his life behind living the mission he was born to lead, will he ever have any hope of changing the world. Mahatma Gandhi was said to have been quite a mediocre barrister before realising his soul’s quest was to liberate his country men and women from oppression. You don’t ever think of Gandhi as average, do you? Well he was until he recognised his mission and Unleashed!

What mission were you born for and when are you going to unleash???

A New Definition Of TEAM: Tribe Encouraging Authentic Me

To be an authentic man, literally means to be the author of your own life. Life written out by you, on your terms, with nothing to hide or prove to anyone.

It’s a pretty darn phenomenal task, considering the levels of conformity in society at this moment in history. The most powerful strategy to living life as you truly want is finding a tribe of people with the level of awareness necessary to accept you as the genius creator that you are.

A tribe of people who accept and love you for who you are, but are also willing to challenge you when you fail to live up to your own standards. This is what I call a Tribe Encouraging Authentic Me.

How consciously have you picked the members of the people you invest most of your life’s time with? Are there any areas that might need an overdue upgrading?

Why Most of Modern Education is Soul-Destroying

Most of Modern Education focuses on filling us up as passive vessels of information, irrespective of how we feel about the topic. The ancient root of the word education is “educate”, literally meaning “to draw out that which lies within you”. Any hope for humanity going forward lies in a radical change from passive consumption of pre-packed information to embracing education that grounds us in the infinite potentiality that lies within every human.